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What I Do

I’m Filippo, a certified coach specializing in using goal-setting tools and supporting people in developing their overcoming challenges. I have spent more than 10 years studying the research of high-quality relationships, positive emotions, and meaningful engagement.

I help people get the most out of their life. I show them how to gain greater satisfaction in their work, providing them with practical guidance for making better decisions and confidence to pursue their personal goals.

If you’ve been working hard towards a goal, you deserve to have it. I can help you enjoy the success that comes from achieving your dreams without changing who you are as a person.

What I Believe

I believe everyone can unlock tremendous results in all areas of their life, no matter what impediments and challenges appear. The key is coaching. With your coach, you can craft your vision that aligns with your priorities and then plans to achieve them.

I also believe transformation equals happiness. If you wait for tomorrow, your dreams will die in your mind. Start taking action TODAY, and don’t wait, making excuses. With coaching, you can explore actionable strategies, resources, tools, exercises to reach the goals you’ve put off for years.

I also believe that the quality of your life meets success and fulfillment. Coaching helps you understand how to transform what is inside yourself and quickly enhance the kind of person you want to be in your life, personally and professionally.

Who I Am

I’m a life lover, entrepreneur, author, speaker, and an unshakable optimist dedicated to helping people get unstoppable and achieve their goals. I’m really good at increasing self-confidence, improving work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills.

I help you:

  • Establishing and taking action towards achieving goals
  • Improving individual performance
  • Gaining more job and life satisfaction
  • Cultivating more positive emotion in your life and work
  • Communicating more effectively with confidence
  • Finding the proper determination to make significant life changes

My Story

With over 20 years in corporate environments, I have gained a wide variety of experience in Product Management, Marketing and Sales. By connecting life experience with the knowledge learned from coaching, I can see massive growth in each attempt.

I currently live in Italy with my beautiful girlfriend, Talia, with a great heart. When I am not coaching, my most significant hobby is working out to stay psychologically and physically fit. I also enjoy reading and traveling.



Squid Games


Know Your Worth


Nick Broadhurst (of course)




Filippo is a fantastic coach and an amazing person. He has helped me through the startup process and has been there for me during difficult times.

Sarah C.CEO, Plantsy

Filippo motivates me every step of the way, always reminding me of how far I have come and how much further I can go. His work ethic is paramount to my success and his drive pushes me to be better everyday.

Aura D.Social Media Influencer

I feel like Filippo is one of the few people who has shown me what it means to be motivated every day. I found his voice early on and never looked back. He is an inspiration to me!

Rita R.Executive Director

Filippo is a coach who has helped me to see situations with fresh eyes and find new perspectives. His guidance has made my career more fulfilling and enjoyable.

Cody G.Art Director & Designer


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