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Reimagine the Travel Planning experience


The goal was to reimagine the travel building experience for a new B2C, enabling users to search destinations, browse travel services, plan journeys, purchase products and get inspirations. I strategized, collaborated and contributed to all aspects of the product design to enhance user experience; participated in every phase of the design process from user research and initial concepts, to prototypes, wireframes, and pixel-perfect comps.


I provided a survey with Google Forms and distributed it among various italian groups of travel experts on Facebook. The goal was to discover the primary 'pain-points' of travelers when it comes to preparing a handmade travel plan. Analyzing the problems of potential users is an excellent way to be inspired. Working with real-world data was a good starting point to avoid assumptions and prejudices better.

Survey with Google Forms


The results of my survey suggested that there were several kinds of users with different needs. The collection of the various insights and general patterns that came from the users' answers helped me build Personas.


Focusing on Persona helps to keep user needs in mind and not get distracted whenever an idea for a new feature or demand pops up.

Journey Map

Following, I scripted a usual travel planning routine for my persona. This process helps to design every touchpoint in a user’s path towards accomplishing determined goals.

Journey Map

User Flowchart

Mapping the basic flow of the app made me decide each step on the path the users will take throughout the solution. I first sketched it on paper and then digitally rendered it.

Flowchart for Travel Builder

Inspiration Board

Before getting started with the visual design, I created an inspiration board. The purpose was to gather inspiration from other travel apps.

Inspirational Board

Final Design

The goal of the onboarding flow is to manage information about the user’s travel to make indeed it tailored to their needs.

Final Design for Travel Builder


Designing this web app has been a challenging and rewarding journey. I faced the challenge of creating an engaging product both from the user experience perspective and the visual perspective. I’m working ongoing on the development of this future travel builder app.

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