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Eden Viaggi Travel Portal: making work simpler


Eden Viaggi Travel Portal is one of the most used tools for travel agencies in Italy. The big design challenge was to improve usability and visual appeal. I adopted a design-sprint approach to get some initial direction in the project, and the progressed through to full in-house implementation, using an evaluation-heavy human-centered design approach to reduce risk and uncertainty. I worked on user research, evaluation and UI patterns during all the iterations of the product’s evolution.



It’s a good rule to start a project with a brainstorming session to recognize what the company is trying to achieve.

  • Users have difficulties to read essential communications.
  • Users don’t navigate many sections inside the old portal.
  • Users ask help often to customer service.


Key findings

The team conducted 20+ interviews to understand how the users are using the old portal and to discover what features they would prefer to have in the new one.

  • Too many clicks to book a reservation.
  • Users are overwhelmed with too much information.
  • Users don't use at all some functionality.

Key finding

Quantitative Analysis

To better understand the main problems of the old portal, I’ve requested our Analytics teams to provide me with most recent data.

Quantitative Analysis

Main complaints:

  • 80% of users focus on a single functionality.
  • Some resources are not working or very hard to find
  • Some section is visited by 2% of users

Mind Mapping

I decided to go through a mind mapping method.

Mind Mapping

After this activity, I was able to prioritize the features for the new portal.

Design Process

With the user pain points revealed, I moved on to the design process. I gathered together and sketched out a few variations of the portal.


When I solidified a few ideas, I created a few prototypes.


Testing outcomes:

  • Users liked the overview of the new interface.
  • Users appreciated the new booking flow.
  • Users loved new functionalities

Perfect Pixel

After a few iterations and about many tests, I was able to come up with the idea that tested the best.

Perfect Pixel


It was a successful design challenge, and the company saw significant improvements in portal performance. Iterative user research and prototyping led to a final product that increased usability value from 32% to 85%. The portal is used by 20,000+ agents in Italy on daily basis and receives 2+ million visits per month. Currently, I'm working on improving interaction elements based on continued review feedback and analytics tracking.

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